MERLIN supports three methods of ERP integration:
1. Secured, Published APIs
2. Integrated Workflow Engine
3. Physical data file transfer

Additionally Memex Partners can provide ERP integration to Epicor and Syteline, through their respective data bridges or terminals. Email for more information.

All three integration methods utilize MERLIN’s extensive API. Legacy ERP systems can output jobs and product standards in predefined data files, which will be processed and imported into MERLIN.

MERLIN also has an integrated workflow engine to map data tables directly into MERLIN. The workflow Engine employs conditional logic to control the import of jobs and standards.

For more recent ERP systems, MERLIN provides an extensive API to which the ERP can be configured to push jobs and standards directly into MERLIN.

MERLIN also supports generating labor/time tickets back to an ERP.

Explore our Visual Manufacturing integration here.

Features & Benefits


  • Automatically prioritizes and queues transactions by date/time
  • Job assignment to individual machines, cells, and machine groups
  • Support for split jobs
  • Support for Nests
  • Support for rework
  • Support for good part classification
  • Support for reject part classification
  • Automatic data integrity tests on the data received within the ERP-generated output
  • Automatically imports product standards from ERP
  • Support for labor/time tickets
  • API integration support to add MERLIN operational features directly into ERP interfaces
  • Integrates with MERLIN Operator Portal
  • Transfers good and rejected part counts along with Downtime Reason Events
  • Provides Run-Now functionality to load machine Work Orders immediately


  • Access to accurate Real-Time OEE shop floor data
  • Eliminate manual data entry errors and scanning delays
  • Improve auto parts count and inventory accuracy
  • Provide accurate data for job costing

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