Memex Automation Grows Partner Distribution Channel

Aerospace Manufacturing and Design – Burlington, Canada – February 6, 2015 – Astrix Networks Inc., operating as Memex Automation, a provider of global manufacturing Machine to Machine (M2M) productivity solutions, recorded 61 customer orders during its first quarter fiscal 2015, ending Dec. 31, 2014.

Partner Distributors who have placed orders for Astrix products include:

  • Mazak, who provided orders for its Fortune 500 type customers, including Lockheed Martin Corp., Raymond Corp., Oilgear Co., and Witten Co.
  • Newman M2M, who provided orders for GE Power and Energy in South Carolina for 34 of its 300 machines and Sun Hydraulics in Florida.
  • CNC Soluciones, an Astrix partner located in Mexico, provided orders for 19 of its 160 machines from Frisa Aerospace.
  • Pinnacle Machine Tool provided orders for Roadtec in Tennessee and facilitated orders with Fort Walton Machining in Florida as well Mahle USA for 18 of its 300 machines in one of 11 plants.
  • FA Consulting and Technology provided an order from GE Aviation.

 “Astrix is very pleased with the amount of orders coming in for the MERLIN OEE [Overall Equipment Effectiveness] machine monitoring solution, especially the increase in activity from our partner distribution channels,” commented Rick Mosca, chief operating officer of Astrix Networks Inc. USA. “Our partners are responding to the elevated interest in machine monitoring coming from the manufacturing community. Customers who have done their research have concluded that MERLIN OEE is the best enterprise solution on the market. Our partner distribution channel is very busy and we are excited by the surge in activity.”

Astrix is pleased to report the additional following orders:

  • Cortec Fluid Control of Louisiana has extended its existing license to 20 machines in one of its three plants.
  • Heroux-Devtek Inc. in Quebec has extended its license to all the machines in the Laval Plant, the fourth of its seven plants.
  • Aerofit LLC in California has also extended its licenses.
  • Beckwood Press in Missouri has given Astrix a purchase order to install MERLIN OEE on an initial machine as it moves towards offering this feature across all of its machine presses.

Astrix Networks Inc.’s flagship product, MERLIN, enables effective machine communication across the shop floor, speeds up production processes, and can increase machine utilization by an average of 10% to 50%. Plants using MERLIN are able to improve output by more than 10% and related Income from Operations by as much as 20% to 60%.

MERLIN (Manufacturing Enterprise Real-time Lean Information Network) generates OEE metrics, enterprise-wide, plant by plant, machine by machine.

Machine tool builder Mazak uses MERLIN in its plant in Kentucky and re-sells MERLIN. CNC machine tool maker Okuma America Corp. has Memex Automation as a Partner in THINC.

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